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Get premium quality of products like Industrial Water Cooled Oil Heater, SS Water Cooled Oil Heater, Air Cooled Oil Cooler, etc.
About Us

Our company, MBA Flyman International keeps up with the newest technological developments and, as a result, provides the highest quality goods in the market. We started our business activities in the year 2006 and have focused on supplying a diverse range of products, such as Industrial Oil Cooler, Industrial Oil Heater, Industrial Air Cooled Oil Cooler, Industrial Tray Dryer Heater, SS Water Cooled Oil Heater, MS Tray Dryer Heater, Water Cooled Oil Heater, Air Cooled Oil Cooler, etc., ever since. We work as a manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler of these high-quality products and provide them to customers at the most genuine prices. In addition, we have successfully gained a good reputation over the years as a result of our excellent product line and ethical business values.

How We Got Here?

The prolonged and successful journey of our business, which spans over 15 years, ultimately led us to a coveted market position, which was made possible by our enduring efforts and commitment. Furthermore, we have always worked in our business in line with the following methods since that time:

  • We always correctly interpret the requirements of clients and address them with the best possible solution.
  • We have always ensured that only the highest quality of goods are delivered to the customers.
  • We also make certain that any order is executed securely, effectively, and within the agreed-upon time period.
  • We make certain that each developed batch is subjected to several industrial level tests prior to its shipping.

Quality Control

Since we manufacture complex machines and appliances, quality of the products has always been a prime concern for us. We obtain the raw materials from only the most reputable and experienced suppliers of the industry, and we ensure that they are tested for optimum quality. Following the procurement of materials, we maintain the highest quality standards during the development of our products including Industrial Tray Dryer Heater, MS Tray Dryer Heater, Air Cooled Oil Cooler, Industrial Air Cooled Oil Cooler, SS Water Cooled Oil Heater, Water Cooled Oil Heater, etc., and assure that each of them is as excellent as the preceding one. Furthermore, before shipping the products to clients, we ensure that it meets the highest quality criteria.
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